Atsumori-kun no Oyome-san (←Mitei) Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance
Alternative: Atsumori-kun no Oyomesan (←Mitei); Atsumori-kun's Bride (← Pending); زوجة اتسوموري (← قيد الإنتظار); あつもりくんのお嫁さん(←未定)
Author: Taamo
Status: Updated
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Atsumori-kun no Oyome-san (←Mitei) Manga Summary
One day middle school student Nishiki, who lives in the countryside, meets high school student Atsumori, who came to visit from Tokyo. When talking with the cool Atsumori, she starts noticing her desire to leave the countryside for Tokyo. But the way to Tokyo is unexpectedly through a marriage proposal?!?