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Author, In This Life I’m The Protagonist Manga Summary
Read manhwa Author, In This Life I’m The Protagonist"The writer seems to have a hard time writing by hand, so I think it would be better to try writing with your feet this time."I was drawn into the hand of a G** who calls Himself my fan, and possessed it as a supporting role in a novel that I had been working on all year round."Make sure to complete it with the determination to die, or the determination to survive."While I was working hard at G**’s threat of death if I couldn’t finish the novel, the female protagonist died right in front of me?!He grabbed the crotch of the indignant G** and hung it." If I can even play a pinch hitter, I can.""Dae-Tara . Do you think the writer wants to become a female protagonist?""Why, where can’t you? I am a writer, a writer!"She received the Buffalo buff and succeeded in joining the adventures of the man."Young-ae’s help, I will never forget. One day I will surely repay this favor."There is no reason to fall in love with the man I made.have.He’s tough and tough, but he’s so handsome and handsome.What about those red auricles?Past life is a writer, current life is a female protagonist.Adventure, romance, and desperate struggles unfolding by the writer who rolls over as a female lead in a year-round work?!