Be King's Daughter Someday Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy   Manhua   Romance   Shoujo   Slice Of Life   Magic   Webtoon   Isekai
Alternative: I Became The Emperor's Daughter
Author: Xue xiao tu
Status: Updated
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Be King's Daughter Someday Manga Summary
A car accident allowed her to cross the magical world, she was reincarnated to a baby! She participated in a competition and won. Then, she was adopted by the emperor and became a princess. However, the other adopted princesses are all given with luxury treatment. But why is it that only she lives in small firewood house? She is also beaten and bullied by the other princesses? She will do whatever it takes to fight back. When she shows a brave fighting spirit, the cold-blooded emperor finally came and said to her: "This little brat, is a little interesting."