Blind Girl Isekai Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Fantasy   Historical   Magic   Demons   Isekai   Monsters   Reincarnation   Animals   Adaptation
Alternative: I was reincarnated as a blind girl - I rely on my previous life's memories and magic to survive.
Author: NIBE Run
Status: Updated
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Blind Girl Isekai Manga Summary
Countess Phyllis is reincarnated with memories of her previous life intact. Phyllis is mistreated by her family because she is blind. She has a constitution that somehow has more mana than others, and one of the reasons she is heavily disliked is because of her ability to use magic without difficulty. As the story begins, Phyllis is attacked by demons while out on the road. She then finds herself alone at the bottom of a deep valley... In despair, she is saved by a large wolf, a \"sacred beast\" of legend. Together with this wolf, Garu, Phyllis sets out on her adventure.

Blind Girl Isekai Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Blind Girl Isekai 1 Sunday, May 22, 2022