Blue Lock Legions Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   School Life   Sports   Thriller   Web Comic   Self-Published
Alternative: Blue Lock Fan Series
Release: 2023
Author: Cosmanga
Status: Updated
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Blue Lock Legions Manga Summary
Rai Gengi always dreamed of being a top football player, especially one to play for Japan. And through this unique yet harsh \"Blue Lock\", he\'s fighting every day to keep his dream afloat. Meeting new teammates and enemies along the way, Rai needs to learn and adapt to the constant improvement of everyone else to hone his skills to a professional level. Will he be able to conquer the Blue Lock? Or will he fall along with the rest of the losers? Blue Lock Legions is a Blue Lock Knock Off created for the purpose of pure enjoyment and not profit. The series follows very similar concepts to the original Blue Lock series, but with an original twist on the characters, plot line, events, etc.