Boku no Omega yo Samenaide Manga

Categories:   Romance   Slice Of Life   Yaoi
Alternative: 僕のΩよ覚めないで; 僕のオメガよ覚めないで
Author: Sakurai Nanako
Status: Completed
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Boku no Omega yo Samenaide Manga Summary
Ao, born as a rare Ω with only 10% Ω traits rather than a normal 100% Ω, was thought to be a β by the public as his slight heat would disappear during his estrus periods by taking light heat suppressants. He vowed to live his life without being bound and controlled by an α, but one day, Ao experienced a lot of change in his life after he helped a crouching man on the street, Reiji, an Alpha...

Boku no Omega yo Samenaide Manga Chapters

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