Boku to Koi no Hanashi wo Shinaika Manga

Categories:   Comedy   School Life   Slice Of Life   Full Color   Long Strip   Delinquents
Alternative: Won't You Talk About Love With Me?
Release: 2021
Author: Emeichi
Status: Completed
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Boku to Koi no Hanashi wo Shinaika Manga Summary
\"Yana\" is an infamous playboy who dumps people left and right. But his true identity is one with a pure heart pining for \"Metsuki\", the area\'s worst delinquent. He saved Yana at the entrance ceremony and the latter fell for him immediately! Yana never stops yapping about his love day in and day out for Metsuki, who\'s tired of all this crap. So he asked Yana if he could kiss him like they do in shoujo manga. And...?! Emeichi\'s newest, love story between two clumsy high school boys starts here!!!