Bride of Obsidian Manga

Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Romance   Magic   Full Color
Alternative: Obsidian Bride
Release: 2023
Author: Wang Bora
Status: Updated
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Bride of Obsidian Manga Summary
A miserable life where even dreams of love were out of reach. The night I tried to end my life from the exhaustion of my joyless marriage, a special invitation arrived unexpectedly. [ You are an existence that gleams like the jewels. The Jewel Box, where existences who shine like you gather... Would you like to enter the Jewel Box? YES? or NO? ] [ The Empire\'s Jewel Box ] is a luxurious party attended by only the most outstanding people. A place where they can meet a marriage partner solely based on \"true love\" while concealing their face and status. \"If you were granted the opportunity to become a shining Jewel, like those who were specially selected...\" My choice from that night changed everything.