Capture the Golem and Escape Poverty Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Fantasy
Alternative: ,Capture the Golem to Escape Poverty,; Capture the Golem to Escape Clutches of Poverty,; Capture the Golem, Escape Clutches of Poverty,; Grab the golem and escape the dirt spoon; 골렘 잡고 흙수저 탈출 ,
Author: wip
Status: Updated
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Capture the Golem and Escape Poverty Manga Summary
Who knew that the game I designed for fun with my friend in middle school would later become a monster that would swallow up the entire world? Taejun, who has been living a tough life with his younger sister, loses all of what he saved due to a lease fraud. In despair, he curses, "To hell with this fucking world!!" while looking at Namsan... but the next day, the curse came true! Namsan suddenly turned into a large sinkhole where man hunting golems started endlessly spawning!! The world has turned into a living hell, but Taejun realizes that these golems may be a mob he created in the past? A strategy that only he knows of. Save the world, or save just yourself.