Cate Land Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Comedy   Fantasy   Isekai
Alternative: Continent of Cuisine and Romance; Food Color Continent; Гурманский континент; 食色大陸
Author: Doris
Status: Updated
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Cate Land Manga Summary
How can you become a chef without a sense of taste? No problem! With a cheating knife in hand, the world is yours! Cate lottery system that comes with its own beautiful teacher and spirit planting space! “Coach, I want to become a chef!” From then on, Fu Yan Ze earnestly began walking on the path to becoming a Culinary God (Harem God)! Хочешь быть поваром, но заставляют жениться? Убегай? Куда? В другой мир! Там ты найдёшь себя! Эта история про талантливого шеф-повара, который нашёл себя в другом мире! Note from Renascence Scans: This manhua has been licensed by Tencent Manhua. Yes, we understand that that's a Chinese company for ac.qq but they're also a English Publisher company. So therefore, this has been licensed by them. The name of it is called "Continent of Cuisine and Romance". It hasn't release anything yet, but the series is indeed licensed.