Change H (Anthology) Manga

Categories:   Romance
Alternative: 10 Things I Want to Do While I'm Still a Guy; Change H - Blue; Change H - Brown; Change H - Green; Change H - Pink; Change H - Purple; Change H - Red; Change H - White; Change H - Yellow; Change H Blue; Change H Brown; Change H Green; Change H Pink; Change H Purple; Change H Red; Change H White; Change H Yellow; Change H!; First Night, First Morning; Girl's Sanctuary (TAKAMICHI); Hashiru Kakeru Subaru!; Ten Things to Do While I'm Still a Boy; Transfer Students; チェンジH Blue; チェンジH Brown; チェンジH Green; チェンジH Pink; チェンジH Purple; チェンジH Red; チェンジH White; チェンジH Yellow
Author: Amazume Ryuta, Arai Shou, Ooi Masakazu, Orimoto Mimana, Pon Takahanada, Rikudo Koshi, Sano Takashi, Shiono Etorouji, Suzuki Akiko, Takamichi, Tali, Yunagi Kahoru
Status: Updated
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Change H (Anthology) Manga Summary
An anthology of genderbending and cross-dressing. Each volume is referred to by a color: ► Spoiler 1) Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy by AMAZUME Ryuta Theme: TS (Medical Condition) They both are going through the same thing; Okashita Yu was born a boy and is turning into a girl, while Koide Junko was born a girl and is turning into a boy. Add a lot of teenage hormones and you've got H. 2) Bloomed In Action by Shiono Etorouji Theme: TS (Surgery) A government agent, Terawaki Ryou, was critically wounded on the battlefield, and revived by the genius doctor, Asada, who is only interesting in working on beautiful girls. Fortunately, the government was able to make use of Ryou's current condition to infiltrate a school and search for their target. 3) (Suzuki Akiko) Theme: TG (Crossdressing) 4) (Arai Shou) Theme: TG (Crossdressing) A bunch of 4-koma stories... 5) Entrance (En-Trance) by Pon Takahanada Theme: TS (Magic) A boy called En with an effeminate face is constantly bullied by his peers (who dress him in a female uniform), and while trying to hide from his oppressors, stumbles upon a small shrine. En makes a wish to be liked by other people to the shrine deity, but it misunderstands and changes En into a girl... 6) Accomplice by Rikudou Koushi Theme: TG? (Crossdressing? WTF) A girl called Sanjou Takara transfers to an all girls Maria ga Miteru-esque school, and in less than one week becomes a member of the student council. Takara finds out that all of the other student council members look like extremely masculine men who have feminine hairstyles (though one looks like he's wearing a Nemes Headdress) and names. Takara asks the other student council members if they are men, and they all burst into tears of happiness that someone finally notices the truth. Thus begins Takara's adventure in a manga rendition of the Emperor's New Clothes in Bizarro World. It seems everyone, including their parents, believe that these men are women. So, it's up to Takara to open the eyes of the rest of the student body from their mass delusion. 7) Crossdress by Sano Takashi Theme: TG and TS (Crossdressing and Surgery) The story is set in some kind of alternate universe where instead of a patriarchal society, it's a matriarchal one in which males are considered sex objects without equal human rights. Some mothers who love their sons and want them to have a somewhat happy future enroll them in the Josoushijo programme. Though some of the schools under this programme are pretty evil, and one of the ways they punish their male students is by having them expose the fact that they really are male by lifting their school uniform in front of the rest of the student body which is both arousing and embarrassing at the same time (Those who ejaculate during this punishment are additionally punished with the surgical removal of their male anatomy). During one of these punishment sessions, the protagonist, a first year student by the name of Saotome Asuka, tries to protect his upper classmates from their sadistic teacher. Asuka is then given the same punishment. Unfortunately for Asuka, the class president, Arisa, who develops some kind of perverse crush on Asuka (despite her dislike of males)... 8) Girl's Sactuary by Takamichi Theme: TG (Crossdressing) A short full-colour story called Girl's Sanctuary about a top-class cafe that only serves female patrons, and how the owner is very insistent on this point. That doesn't stop boys trying to get in to sample his excellent wares. 9) Ruffle Princess by Yunagi Kahoru Theme: TG (Crossdressing) The protagonist is an talented amateur lingerie designer, but is unable to find a willing model for his work. While picking up his sister at her all girls school, he meets a beautiful classmate of her's. But when he approached her, she began crying due to her intense fear of men. Thus he decides to disguise himself as a girl so he can sneak into the school and try to find the source of her problems. 10) (Orimoto Mimana) TG and TS (Crossdressing and Magic) The Takagushi family operate a shinto shrine with their identical twin children (one male and one female) called Tarou and Hime. Because Hime doesn't want to perform an important ceremony, she convinces her brother Tarou to switch places with her with the promise of having sweet, incestuous sex with him. Tarou accepts and later regrets it when he finds out what kind of ceremony he has to perform. Basically, the shrine's deity is a penis and Tarou has to insert the penis idol inside of him (Tarou does this anally). This causes the penis to upload the entire Kama Sutra into his brain (Tarou's mother explains it with a reference to a USB memory transfer). After this, Tarou's body is prostituted to people (180,000 yen for 60 minutes). It's no wonder Hime didn't want to perform the ceremony~! Meanwhile, Hime is on a date with some hot guy she likes (she gave him a present which is a box full of condoms to use with her). Unfortunately for Hime, she and Tarou have a spiritual link where Hime can feel everything Tarou feels during his session with his first customer: a boy who says he's male, but has breasts and no penis (which traumatises Tarou because he wants to have sex with his sister)... everything degenerates from there... 11) (Ooi Masakazu) Theme: Futanari (Intersexed) 12) Hashiru Kakeru Subaru! by TALI Theme: TG (Crossdressing) A story about a girl called Subaru who binds her chest and dresses up in masculine clothing in order to enjoy the pleasures of street fighting. The reason why she does this is because the other male students at the dojo she trains at wouldn't take her seriously because she's female. Anyway, on one particularly satisfying night of beating the crap out of her fellow street fighters, Subaru meets the top fighter in the area who happens to be a woman. Naturally, Subaru challenges this woman to a fight and learns why this woman is the top fighter.