Cherry Doll Scandal Manga

Categories:   Romance   Full Color
Release: 2023
Author: Dan Geuneul
Status: Updated
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Cherry Doll Scandal Manga Summary
\"Listen carefully, I\'m a bit of a pervert.\" \"What?\" “So I want Hyung to do as I tell you.” One day, Do Jaewon of the popular idol group \"Majors\" saw Cheon Eunho, a member of the same group, masturbating using his video. Realizing that Eunho has a crush on him, Jaewon starts a sexual relationship with him out of curiosity. However, before he knows it, he becomes more and more sincere... What will be the end of the scandal between the two \'Cherry Dolls\', who just began to know each other? - Madeleine Scans -