Categories:   Drama   Psychological   School Life   Seinen   Slice Of Life
Alternative: ドラゴン桜 2; Dragon Zakura Two
Release: 2018
Author: Mita Norifusa
Status: Completed
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DRAGON ZAKURA 2 Manga Summary
Prior to the 2020 Education Reform, “our man” is coming back! He’s the legendary attorney Sakuragi Kenji, who will waltz back to the fallen Ryuzan High School where the students’ academic aptitude is plummeting. In opposition to apathetic students and “The Empress” (Representative of the Chief Director) who wields overwhelming authority, he will start a revolution along with Mizuno, his former pupil. Part 2 of Dragon Zakura, the legendary “manga that will help you pass the University of Tokyo entrance exams” — which helped change the landscape of Japan’s university entrance exams — is here at last! Rest assured, entering the University of Tokyo is going to be a cinch