Daiya no C Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Drama   School Life   Slice Of Life   Web Comic
Alternative: Cat of the Diamond;Ace of the Diamond Spinoff
Release: 2022
Author: Yuki Okada
Status: Updated
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Daiya no C Manga Summary
A warm comedy spinoff series from Ace of the Diamond (aka Daiya no A) written by Yuki Okada, the wife of Yuji Terajima himself. Sawamura and his fellow residents of room 5... accidentally adopted a cat? What will they do about meals? How will they bathe him? Worst of all, pets are prohibited from being kept in the dorms. Sawamura and his roommates struggle to overcome these challenges while keeping their new feline friend a secret. Still, they persevere, because who can resist the cuteness of cats? Read Daiya no C to follow the adventures of the Seidou team and their new furry addition.