Damn Reincarnation Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Drama   Fantasy   Harem   Magic   Demons   Monsters   Reincarnation   Full Color   Long Strip   Web Comic   Adaptation
Release: 2022
Author: Mogma (목마)
Status: Updated
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Damn Reincarnation Manga Summary
The warrior Hamel went on an adventure with his companions to defeat the Demon Kings, but after dying just before the final battle with the Demon Kings…. “Waaah.” ‘What the fuck!’ He was reincarnated as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth. Hamel — no, Eugene Lionheart was reborn with the blood of the Great Vermouth. ‘My previous body held enough talent to be mistaken for a genius, but this one… there’s just no comparison.’ With a body that had higher specs right from the start, he showed explosive growth that far surpassed what he had achieved in his previous life. Along with the unknown reasons for his reincarnation came the uneasy reality of having to coexist with demons. He was faced with a world that made him question everything he had believed in. Gifted with this extraordinary body since birth, as Eugene, he begins walking down the unfinished path from his previous life. --- - [Webtoon Trailer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LNsxm0UazQ)