Di Gong Dong Huang Fei Manga

Categories:   Action   Fantasy   Harem   Historical   Martial Arts   Romance   Shoujo   Supernatural
Author: 漫神动漫 [Add] 路菲汐 [Add]
Status: Updated
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Di Gong Dong Huang Fei Manga Summary
She is a venomous demon of a consort in the eyes of the world. On the wedding day, she snatches someone else’s husband, scaring the wife into unconsciousness. The princess consort of North chen has an arrogant name, domineering Chang’an. But this world just happens to have someone more arrogant than her. Even when everyone condemns her, he only says: “I dote on the princess consort, what business is it of yours?“ A strong woman and a strong man make for a strong alliance. Original Webcomic: KuaiKan, ACQQ Official Translation: English (INKR)