Dragon Hermit Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Comedy   Fantasy   Romance   Tragedy
Alternative: Dragão oculto; Dragão oculto o eremita dos dragões; Dragón escondido el ermitaño de dragones; Dragón Oculto; Hidden Dragon; The Hermit Of Dragon; 龙隐者
Author: 分布文化
Status: Updated
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Dragon Hermit Manga Summary
Xia Xuan, an ordinary university student, has been inherited by the Lich of the Other World, and his life has become wonderful since then. Bringing a group of skeleton babies to the city is both a death and a superhero act. The beauty of the school flower, the queen of the music scene, the overbearing female president ... sheltered under the fire of Xia Yi's soul! vampire? Werewolf? angel? demon? All turned! Riding a bone dragon against the Sky Mothership, the Undead Scourge creates a biochemical crisis, and all those who have caused the Lich have trouble!