Feather Ashes Manga

Categories:   Action   Drama   Fantasy   Romance
Alternative: 羽烬
Author: 夕亚人
Status: Updated
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Feather Ashes Manga Summary
In the midst of the rainfall, there stood a young maiden with the power to predict the future and a god of death cursed with eternal youth. The two were fated to reincarnate through 100 lifetimes that withered his feathers into ashes. Only when transmigrating for her could he wipe away his tear stains. Cause, reunion, misunderstanding, hatred, redemption, cure, nervousness… The death god struck by wrapping them in misfortune. For the sake of protecting her, he chose to become a fallen angel. Forever, he would be unable to turn away from this dark path. And yet, she cried out in despair. Was it finally possible to call him back from the darkness that threatened to engulf his heart?

Feather Ashes Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Feather Ashes Ch. 0.5 Prologue Monday, March 30, 2020