Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Comedy   Fantasy   Sci-Fi
Alternative: Fantasy Finale; FF7 Comic; FF7 The Sevening; Final Fantasy 7.0 - The Sevening
Author: ObstinateMelon
Status: Updated
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Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening Manga Summary
Once upon a time, a train carrying a band of freedom fighters pulled into a station. This led to a Soldier and his companions beginning an epic crusade against a worldwide mega-corp, culminating in a battle against a One-Winged Angel to prevent the very extinction of mankind. This is not that story. But it's a story about that story. Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening is an exaggerated, manga-styled parody of the landmark PlayStation RPG, Final Fantasy VII. It pokes fun at everything from plot holes to the game's questionable translation.