Find The Waves Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Comedy   Romance   Slice Of Life   Sports
Author: Kim Jeonghyun
Status: Updated
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Find The Waves Manga Summary
Kang Pado is a boy who accompanies his father on their countryside farm. Raising cattle, fruits, and vegetables for a living at the same time, he is studying at the not so nearby High School which If you travel by land the distance is 10km. However, his father unwittingly said to Pado that he can make a shortcut using the river with a 3km distance and is beneficial to him in some sort of way, Being an obedient kid he obeyed his father and swims every day back and forth to the school whenever there is a class. But circumstances occur that due to lack of students on their High School, the administrator shuts down the school leaving Kang Pado no choice but to go to Seoul where his sister lives. There he will continue his High School Studies and deal with what Seoul High School Life has to offer!