From Now On, I'm Your Dog Manga

Categories:   Psychological   Romance   Webtoon   Full Color   Long Strip
Alternative: 从今天开始我是你的狗 ; 오늘부터 당신의 개입LI다
Author: 코카 (九鼎)
Status: Updated
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From Now On, I'm Your Dog Manga Summary
“What am I? As the dog that stays by your side”. The youngest son of the Chairman of one of the leading business groups in the country, Cheng Shi Yan, has been growing up in a warm family. Until, one day he loses his parents in a sudden fire, and his only brother goes mad. When his whole world is crashing down on him, however, the Vice Chairman, Shou He Fu, appears as Shi Yan’s guardian. In order to protect his family and his only brother, Shi Yan chooses to become Shou He’s puppet...But on his twentieth birthday, he receives a letter saying, “ I’ll help you escape.” As if bewitched by the promise of freedom, he visits the address mentioned in the letter, only to meet a mysterious man, Li Xian, who offers to be his master?