GOGO Monster Manga

Categories:   Drama   Psychological   Slice Of Life
Alternative: GoGoMonster; GOGOモンスター; ゴーゴーモンスター
Author: MATSUMOTO Taiyou
Status: Completed
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GOGO Monster Manga Summary
Yuki Tachibana, a withdrawn third grader, is convinced that the fourth floor of his school is home to supernatural creatures that few kids (and no adults) can see and he's worried about a recent influx of new, less friendly creatures and about his ability to perceive the true shape of things waning as he gets older. Most of the other kids mock Yuki - they think he's crazy due to his strange pronouncements and peculiar actions - and, aside from the creatures he sees, his only social interactions are with the school's kindly and open-minded caretaker, a new transfer student named Makoto Suzuki who's allocated the desk next to his and an enigmatic boy named IQ who always wears a box over his head.

GOGO Monster Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
GOGO Monster Vol. 1 Ch. 0 Saturday, August 1, 2020