Gamurakan Manga

Categories:   Horror   Mystery
Alternative: Bienvenue au Gamurakan; Gamra-Khan; Gamra-Khan (II); Gamura-Khan; 臥夢螺館
Author: Fukuyama Youji
Status: Completed
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Gamurakan Manga Summary
From Mangaupdates: Hired for an eviction of an apartment resident, lawyer Midorikawa visited a mysterious apartment. Since the visit, he has been haunted by these visions of "Angels," small naked girls who have faces that of a doll. These Angels freely teleport between TV, phone, and computer monitors and enter the human body. They feed off of the human spirit, what they call "nectar." Are these Angels real? Are they part of a horrific dream? Through Midorikawa's body, they escape the infected apartment. Now, they spread their horrors upon the city!