Ganbare Chrono-kun Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Fantasy
Alternative: Chrono Trigger: Do Your Best, Chrono-kun!; Chrono-kun!; Crono-kun!; Do Your Best; Ganbare Kurono-kun; がんばれクロノくん
Author: Kaneko Osamu
Status: Completed
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Ganbare Chrono-kun Manga Summary
"Do Your Best, Chrono-kun!" is a short manga that was included with the Japanese game guide. In full-color glory, this manga recreates the beginning of the game, where Chrono meets Marle during the Millenium Fair. The art style is a fair imitation of Akira Toriyama's, a plus for those who are so inclined.

Ganbare Chrono-kun Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Ganbare Chrono kun Oneshot Tuesday, July 16, 2019