Go Nagai Short Stories Manga

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Release: 1967
Author: Nagai Go
Status: Completed
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Go Nagai Short Stories Manga Summary
Collection of most of Go Nagai\'s short stories under one title, with every volume having its own cast of characters and themes. Names of volumes and some of the stories they include: 1. Swordsman of hell 2. Suspense・Puns (Fantasy world Pun) 3. Ultra-Spy bearded Gorilla 4. Giant female banchou 5. Wandering student 6. Oni rebellion of the year 2889 7. GO! Go\'s nonsense! 8. Susumu-chan\'s big shock 9. Chakapoko 10. Break down 11. Enoshima stupid-zilla (dozilla) 12. Monster of the white world -Lightning man thunder 13. Bakuratsu classroom 14. Nuisance detective Iboji Kogorou 15. Go-Chan Magazine Note: On mangadex there are separate entries for: -Oni rebellion of the year 2889 (Oni: 2889-nen no Hanran) -Susumu-chan\'s big shock -Break down (Falling apart) -Lightning man thunder (Raijin Thunder) -Go-Chan Magazine