Categories:   Action   Fantasy   Shoujo
Alternative: 东方八犬异闻; 八犬伝 東方八犬異聞; 팔견전 - 동방팔견이문; Bát Khuyển Sĩ Phương Đông; Hakkenden - Touhou Hakken Ibun; Strange Story of Eight East Dogs
Release: 2005
Author: Abe Miyuki
Status: Updated
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HAKKENDEN Manga Summary
Five years previously everyone in Ootsuka village died in a plague, but there were 3 survivors, or rather one survivor who refused to let the other two remain dead. They took shelter in a church near another village, which happens to be near a dark and dangerous forest. The church, as well as the survivors, are viewed with suspicion by the villagers. Now the Imperial Church comes in search of "Murasume" the demon blade that contains "life".