Haechi’S Princess Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Fantasy   Historical   Manhwa   Romance   Shoujo   Webtoons
Alternative: Princess Soyang and Haechi ; Haechi's Princess ; Soyang Princess and Haechi ; 소양공주와 해치
Author: Hnm - Studio Weiib
Status: Updated
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Haechi’S Princess Manga Summary
The unfortunate Princess Soyang, who lived as the daughter of the dethroned Rain. Threatened by those who aim for the legendary ring. By fate, she meets Haechi, gets help, and builds a relationship... 300 years later, Korea, Youngkwang Lee, the curator in charge of the ''Princess Soyang and Haechi" exhibition, picks up an unusual cat. But this cat, who speaks even human words, is actually harming him... ?!