Higyaku no Noel Manga

Categories:   Josei   Mystery   Supernatural
Alternative: Noel the Mortal Fate; 被虐のノエル
Author: Kanawo
Status: Updated
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Higyaku no Noel Manga Summary
Noel Cerquetti, a girl who lost her arms and legs in a contract, works together with the great devil Caron, to get her revenge against one man. This man – dubbed the "pride of the citizens" – is Burrows, the mayor of LaPlace. Why is this girl furiously seeking revenge against this unrivalled man, loved by the people for bringing peace to LaPlace that was once overrun by the mafia? While unsteady without her limbs, Noel doesn't give up on her path of revenge, as Caron watches mercilessly, at times risking his own life to support her. With vengeance, the pair begins their chase after Burrows.