I'm Your Wizard Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Fantasy   Romance   Shoujo
Author: Jeon Eun-jeong [Add]
Status: Updated
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I'm Your Wizard Manga Summary
You can’t run away from him! Riye, the prophet who can see the future, and Tanaril, the ice wizard. Riye spends one night with Tanaril and now she has his child, and the two should get married. **** Riye is a prophet who can see the future, and Tanaril is an ice wizard. After spending the night with Tanaril, Riye has her son and the two end up in a contract marriage. “Seriously, don’t fall in love.“ However, the two are attracted to fate and gradually look at each other with love. But the tragic future Riye saw is coming. Original Webtoon