I Will Always Guard You Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance
Alternative: My Lady Doesn't Let me Protect Her ; Ojou-sama ga Mamorasete Kurenai ; Ojo-sama ga Mamora Sete Kurenai ; お嬢様が護らせてくれない ; My Lady Won't Let me Protect Her
Author: Shirosaki
Status: Updated
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I Will Always Guard You Manga Summary
This woman is too strong to be protected. Ichika Kiryuin is the only daughter of a large corporation. The bodyguard, Hayama Shuzuku born into a family will be the bodyguard for generations, the Samurai, who was taught to live only as a disposable shield. By meeting Ichika with readiness to be protected and respect the guard, She protects as someone who protects her body like a partner that she wants to protect. However, Ichika, who has a strong physique and will not look like a princess, is too strong to always protect me ...!?!?