Iinari Manga

Alternative: Do As You're Told
Author: Masahiro itosugi
Status: Updated
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Iinari Manga Summary
To all appearances, Mise Arisukawa is a perfect being. Perfect grades. Perfect beauty. Perfect poise, grace and upbringing. As student council president, the students of Sotoori Academy all look up to her. But she harbors a secret in her heart that she can never reveal to the world... When Arisukawa gives a speech to the incoming freshman class at the start of the school year, one boy in the audience is so inspired by her looks that he joins the student council in the hopes of getting to know her. He quickly discovers, however, that the council is so busy with their duties that they have no time to socialize. Frustrated by his inability to get closer to Arisukawa, he plants a hidden camera under the council table in the hopes of getting a peek up her skirt. What he sees, though, is more than he bargained for. And when Arisukawa catches him in the act, her reaction is anything but what he imagined. "Hey, Hatano-kun, I want you to do me a favor..."