Jungle Emperor (Mighty Atom Club) Manga

Categories:   Action
Alternative: 鉄腕アトムクラブ [ジャングル大帝], Tetsuwan Atom kurabu [Jungle Taitei]
Author: Kentaro Nakagi, Shinji Nagashima, Seiji Minami
Status: Completed
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Jungle Emperor (Mighty Atom Club) Manga Summary
The Mighty Atom Club magazine was launched after the grand success of the 1963 anime, "Mighty Atom" (Astro Boy). It was a part of the official fan club: "Mushi Productions Tomo no Kai (Friends Association)". It disbanded after Mighty Atom's initial airing on TV in late 1966. Based on Tezuka Osamu's manga series "Jungle Emperor" from 1950, one-shots started to appear in the magazine in March of 1966 (Vol. 20-28). Drawn by Tezuka's associates, these eight stories would later air as episodes from the first and second anime series. The Jungle Emperor chapters were never re-printed and stay exclusive to the original magazines.

Jungle Emperor (Mighty Atom Club) Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Jungle Emperor (Mighty Atom Club) Toto's Revenge (Oneshot) Sunday, November 29, 2020