Kaerenain Da Yo Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Romance   Slice Of Life   Yaoi
Alternative: I Can't Go Back; Kaerenaindayo; 帰れないんだよ
Author: KAGURAZAKA Hanko
Status: Completed
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Kaerenain Da Yo Manga Summary
A collection of stories revolving around a gallery that sells fake paintings. 1. I Can't Go Back Kabaiki Akira is the salesman for a gallery that sells fake paintings. He prides his skill of getting wealthy ladies to pay exorbitant amounts for the fakes, but trouble arises when a disagreeable guy pushes him around and takes him out for drinks. Akira wakes up in a hotel room... and why does the guy seem to know him? 2. Those That Emerged From The Night This is a story about the boss from ch. 1, before he opened his gallery. Yahiro Morishita is a genius painter who forages famous paintings, just from seeing them once. An introduction to a man named Kaji, an opportunity, and an old "childhood friend", triggers a series of events that makes the old saying "you reap what you sow" comes true when he finds himself tied up in the trunk of a car and almost dropped in the bay. 3. The Day Rain Fell from the Sky This story involves Yahiro and Kaji from the previous chapter. This time, they're involved in a messy case of inheritance with a recently deceased famous painter named Tsuge, his money grubbing wife, and her son. But how does Shibata-san, the Tsuge family's servant, play into all this, and who is his loyalty for? 4. Tangerine In a warm, orange-colored illusion, the abandoned son of a writer and the man who loves his father find friendship together... 5. Fenced-in Boys Tana and Ichinose go to Ryoukufuu High, an all-boys boarding school. Ichinose is known around the school as "gay boy" because he'll go for anyone (boy or girl) who's cute... and Tana fits the bill. But Tana is straight as an arrow... right? 6. extra An extra about Yahiro and Kaji. Jun comes back from hiding, and then there's Naoyuki (the son from 3). So many rivals (@[email protected]). NOTE: The first chapter is occurring after the other gallery-related chapters. Although it comes first, time-wise, it is last.

Kaerenain Da Yo Manga Chapters

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