Kawahara Kachou to Gyaru Buka-chan Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Seinen   Slice Of Life   4-Koma
Alternative: Section Manager Kawahara and his Gal Subordinate; 河原課長とギャル部下ちゃん
Author: Origami Chiyoko
Status: Updated
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Kawahara Kachou to Gyaru Buka-chan Manga Summary
She's cheeky! She's troublesome! Her hair's too flashy! Her skirt's too short! Her nails are too shiny! She even decorates her ID card! She talks too much! She's way too close! She barely meets her deadlines! She doesn't listen to me! She cares about "likes" too much! She takes selfies all the time! But the worst part is, she keeps messing with me! Section Manager Kawahara has been a serious and diligent worker for 20 years. But one day, a gal that he can't handle enters the company. Moreover, she keeps pestering him...