Kigata ga Kita! - Manga

Categories:   Horror   Psychological   Supernatural   Tragedy
Alternative: Kigata ga Kita!; Kigata ga Kita! - "Kyoufu Shinbun" yori; キガタガキタ!~「恐怖新聞」より~
Author: Tsunoda Jirou
Status: Completed
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Kigata ga Kita! - Manga Summary
There exists a horrific newspaper called the Fear Newspaper that foretells of people’s extreme misfortunes. Kagata Mei, a male high-school student, has been cursed with this evil spirit and has to fight against it on a daily basis. He is forced by the Fear Newspaper to stop the events on the paper from occurring or face the consequences of his life being shortened by 100 days for every article he is unable to prevent. What makes this horrific situation even worse is that no one else but Mei can see the cursed newspaper and so he is left to undertake this task alone.