Kimi wa Maid-sama Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   Slice Of Life
Alternative: You are Ms. Servant; 君は冥土様
Author: Shotan
Status: Updated
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Kimi wa Maid-sama Manga Summary
A girl in a maid uniform came to Hitozu's house looking for a job. Her previous job was an assassin, and she is skilled in all the deadly arts, but she's a complete beginner at housework. Hitozu was confused by the strange request and sent her away. But then she saved Hitozu from a deadly accident, and he thought maybe they can make this work? This is a story about a maid who was a cold-hearted killer learning about new emotions. A maid who lived a lonely life in the underworld finally finding family. The start of an enjoyable daily life. Author Twitter: