Kiss in the Hell ~Taimashi to Haja no Chigiri~ Manga

Categories:   Fantasy   Romance
Release: 2022
Author: RANDOU Beni
Status: Completed
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Kiss in the Hell ~Taimashi to Haja no Chigiri~ Manga Summary
Mai Shindou, who works at the Tamamori All Purpose Office, is the local jack-of-all-trades with an important mission. Her real job is exorcising demons and evil spirits, and secretly protecting the peace of the town. She and her partner, Sora Tamamori, who possesses strong spiritual powers, team up to investigate a property where an accident happened, but… an evil wraith attacks, and the two land in big trouble! She was supposed to exterminate evil spirits. Instead, she got pinned down by Sora who was gazing at her passionately, and got bewildered by the all-new pleasurable sensations in her body… Mai Shindou, who has a strong sense of responsibility, and Sora Tamamori, who is kind-hearted, put their bodies (also sexually) on the line to protect the peace in their neighborhood!