Koi De Wa Nai to Omoitai Manga

Categories:   Romance   Slice Of Life   Shounen Ai
Alternative: I Want to Think I'm Not In Love
Author: Sumiya Zeniko (澄谷ゼニコ)
Status: Updated
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Koi De Wa Nai to Omoitai Manga Summary
Keiichi, a high school student, is childhood friends with the cool and popular Souta. Despite always being swayed around by Souta who does things at his own pace, it was a relationship where he could always be next to and say anything. However, recently, Keiichi’s heart starts to beat fast because of Souta who said “It’s fun to be around Keiichi,” with a smile on his face. Keiichi tried to deceive his captivated heart by thinking “It’s not love,” but that lie is noticed by his junior, Sakuraba…?!