Kore wa Yoi Dakimakura Manga

Categories:   Romance   Yuri
Alternative: This is a great hug pillow
Author: Minase Ruruu
Status: Completed
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Kore wa Yoi Dakimakura Manga Summary
One day, Hazumi is asked to help with committee work by Itsuki, a stunning beauty with the face and figure of a model. When they enter a room alone together, Itsuki "confesses" (more like attacks) Hazumi. Seeing Hazumi confused and overwhelmed, Itsuki begins to explain her feelings and reveals her past. Will Hazumi be able to accept her and return her feelings?

Kore wa Yoi Dakimakura Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Kore wa Yoi Dakimakura Oneshot Monday, February 11, 2019