Kotou no Oni Manga

Categories:   Drama   Historical   Mystery   Psychological   Tragedy
Alternative: The Demon of the Isolated Island; Демон пустынного острова; 孤島の鬼
Author: EDOGAWA Ranpo
Status: Completed
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Kotou no Oni Manga Summary
An adaptation of Edogawa Ranpo's eponymous novel. It's Tokyo and the year is 1924. A young tradesman by the name of Minoura Kinnosuke finds his fiancée murdered inside a locked room. As he struggles to find the culprit, a doctor by the name of Moroto Michio, who has long harboured unrequited feelings towards Minoura, offers to help solve the case.

Kotou no Oni Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Kotou no Oni Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Monday, April 15, 2019