Kyokou Suiri: Invented Inference Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Drama   Fantasy   Mystery   Romance
Alternative: In/Spectre; Invented Inference; Kyokou Suiri; Ложные выводы; 虚構推理; 허구추리
Author: Shirodaira Kyou
Status: Updated
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Kyokou Suiri: Invented Inference Manga Summary
Meet the cute, smug, cane-wielding 17-year-old Iwanaga Kotoko as she (very) aggressively tries to woo the older Sakuragawa Kurou and act as a mediator/problem-solver for the supernatural world. But why is she so fascinated with Sakuragawa Kurou? The truth is... From the author of Zetsuen no Tempest and Spiral!