Love Ho no Ojou-sama Manga

Categories:   Romance
Alternative: First Love Time Machine; Hatsukoi no Time Machine; Kaseifu wa Santai!; Koisuru Surprise Cafe; Love Ho no Ojousama; Love Hotel no Ojousama; Natsuiro no Katakoi; Sonogo no Ojousama; ラブホ・のお嬢サマ
Author: Hibiki Ai
Status: Completed
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Love Ho no Ojou-sama Manga Summary
1) Love Hotel no Ojousama Kasahara Miori, known as the pure and noble Ojousama in the school, is also known as the Hotel King's daughter. But one day, playboy Toraguchi finds out her secret. What should she do now...? 2) Koisuru Surprise Cafe The café’s owner entered with a broken heart from unrequited love with Senpai, but when a hot guy who looks just like Senpai applies for a part time job…?! Look forward to Hibiki Ai’s budding cute one shot! 3) Natsuiro no Katakoi Ever since the day Shouta and Chi were placed in the same class they became best friends. Or at least Shouta sees Chi as his best friend, but Chi's feelings run deeper... will Shouta ever notice? 4) Hatsukoi no Time Machine The day before the ten-year old Naru moved away without a word, she and her best friend Ryou buried a box with a letter to one another to be opened after seven years. Now she is back to dig it up, but will Ryou come as well? 5) Kaseifu wa Santai! 6) Sonogo no Ojousama