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Mana Manga

Categories:   Manhwa   Shoujo   Supernatural
Alternative: 마나
Release: 2006
Author: Vin Lee
Status: Completed
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Mana Manga Summary
Zion, a girl that is always taken advantage of by her friends because she is so shy and timid, is approached by two people who asks her strange questions about whether she believes in Confucianist moral doctrine and in the end she is bowing and performing sacrificial rites to ancestral gods. It’s shocking enough that the daughter of a pastor is possessed by a ghost, but what’s more shocking is that this ghost is a young oppa who sports a fashion that surpasses most of the outstanding looks of bachelors and rockers! From this day on, Zion’s life changes forever. From a shy and unsuspecting high school student, she turns into an exorcist.