Manhunt Manga

Categories:   Action   Drama   Horror   Mystery
Alternative: 缉凶 ; JiXiong
Author: Mu Yu Nian Hua
Status: Updated
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Manhunt Manga Summary
This comic comes from Mu Yu Nian Hua's online novel of the same name. The story begins during a late night discovery of a floating corpse in Dabazi Village, H County. After the villagers called the police, old Zhong and Zhang Kai drive there to handle the case. The body was discovered to be handcuffed and showing abominable methods of being killed. Nie Yun then lay down a seven days deadline for old Zhong and Zhang Kai solve the case. However, two policemen died during the process of apprehending the criminal, and the sole person implicated in it that could offer a clue to them was already found dead seven days prior ----