Maria of Granada Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Comedy   Drama   Historical   Mystery   Psychological   Romance   Slice Of Life   Tragedy   Philosophical   Reincarnation   Animals   Delinquents   Anthology   Office Workers   Survival
Alternative: The Holy Mother of Granada
Release: 1979
Author: Mizuno Hideko
Status: Completed
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Maria of Granada Manga Summary
(from ebookjapan): Eva Shul, a former actress who spends her days in debauchery and drinking, is parted from her daughter Julie when she comes to tell her of her marriage. After that, Eva continues to drink and play with young men, and is suddenly taken into a car by a group of men she doesn\'t know. One of the men, Arthur, a film director, asks Eva to play the Virgin Mary in a movie about the life of Christ. In addition to the title story, also includes the following oneshots: - **Sound of Bamboo** (竹の音, Take no Oto) - **Ballerina** (バレリーナ, exclusive to the digital edition/original release) - **Edelweiss** (エーデルワイス, excluded from digital edition but available in other releases)

Maria of Granada Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Maria of Granada 2 Tuesday, January 24, 2023