Mawaru Sekai no Kimi to Boku Manga

Categories:   Drama   Historical   Romance   Yaoi
Alternative: Hitomi no Ori; Lucky Item; Masaka no Futari; You and I of the Revolving World; 廻る世界の君と僕
Author: Naono Bohra
Status: Completed
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Mawaru Sekai no Kimi to Boku Manga Summary
1. Mawaru Sekai no Kimi to Boku When they were very young, Keito and Tomoya made a promise to be together forever, but after Tomoya disappeared one morning, Keito lost his faith in people. Years later in high school, Tomoya makes a sudden return, but now Keito's no longer a cute little kid Tomoya seems to have forgotten who he is! 2. Masaka no Futari High-school student Akito is too cute! So cute that he's been traumatized by attackers both male and female. When Akito's mother convinces laid back college student Kunugi to tutor him, is Akito destined to be attacked again? Or is Kunugi really just a nice guy? 3. Lucky Item Yazawa Shizuma, receives a visit one night from a middle school classmate, Hanai. Hanai is running from debt collectors and needs someone to take care of his son, Hanai Souta. What will happen between these two? Maizuru from Yubisaki no Koi makes a guest appearance in this story. 4. Hitomi no Ori When he was small, Ran was found at the brink of death by Byakuroku-sama, a non-human man with beautiful eyes. Byakuroku-sama now employs Ran as a jack-of-all-trades, often undertaking dangerous missions and depending heavily on his loyalty. What happens when that loyalty comes into question? 5. Hitomi dj - Sakayume no Niwa Ran has a dream in which Byakuroku vanishes into thin air and only bones remain. Even knowing it was a dream, he can't just help being worried. Will the dream become reality...?

Mawaru Sekai no Kimi to Boku Manga Chapters

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