My Pug-In Spirit Ring Manga

Categories:   Action   Fantasy   Harem   Josei   Manhua   Mystery   Romance
Alternative: 我的外挂戒灵
Author: Red carp studio
Status: Updated
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My Pug-In Spirit Ring Manga Summary
Urban waste material fell into a strange dream, accidentally obtained a mysterious ring, opened the strongest plug-in, and tragic life began to turn around! The cold female president, cute fiancee, and sexy female spy posted one by one! But just when I was about to reach the peak of my life, I found that there were more than one ring in my dream! ? For the mysterious seal, the other holders had to be killed …

My Pug-In Spirit Ring Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
My Pug-In Spirit Ring Ch.2 Monday, April 27, 2020
My Pug-In Spirit Ring Ch.1 Sunday, April 26, 2020