Nana to Kaoru; Last Year Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   Slice Of Life
Alternative: Attache-moi ~Jeux SM entre lycéens~; Nana & Kaoru ~High schoolers' SM play~; Nana & Kaoru ~Jeux SM entre lycéens~; Nana to Kaoru - High Schoolers' SM Play; Nana to Kaoru - Kokosei no SM gokko; Nana to Kaoru ~Kokosei no SM Gokko~; Nana to Kaoru Last Year; ナナとカオル ~高校生のSMごっこ~; ナナとカオル Last Year
Author: Amazume Ryuta
Status: Updated
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Nana to Kaoru; Last Year Manga Summary
New Nana & Kaoru's spinoff, serialized on the newly released (28/11/18) digital magazine "Harem" (ハレム), aiming at adults. The story takes place in the third year of high school, after the ending of the manga, but before Black Label (aka Arashi). Links: Amazume Ryuta's Twitter