Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Fantasy   Historical
Alternative: Secret Arts Of The Nine Star Tyrant Body; 九星霸体诀
Author: 遁入空门
Status: Updated
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Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Manga Summary
Is Emperor Dan reborn? Is it a fusion of souls? Long Chen, who was stolen from his spiritual roots, spiritual blood, and spiritual bones, relied on the alchemy divine art in his memory to practice the mysterious nine-star hegemony tactics, to clear the heavy fog, and solve the shocking situation. The world in the palm of your hand, the sun, the moon, and the stars on your feet, hook up with all kinds of beauties and suppress evil spirits and evil spirits. Rivers and lakes rumors: When Long Chen arrives, the earth roars and the sky screams. When Long Chen came out, the ghost cried.