Nonke to Gachi no Osananajimi Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   Shounen Ai
Alternative: Straight and Serious Childhood Friend; ノンケとガチの幼馴染
Author: Kaomoji
Status: Updated
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Nonke to Gachi no Osananajimi Manga Summary
On Valentine’s day. The top cool boy in the school, Hiko is the most popular in the school among the girls again this year! At this time, the girls all gather, aiming for the ikemen Hiko… “Take this! My heart’s desire!” Reverberating through the hallways is a passionate confession. And the person who delivered the handmade chocolates was his childhood “boyfriend”! The Hiko who wants to stay friends and the Ken-chan who wants to become lovers, the intersection of the two different meanings of “like”--...? An earnest and simple “pure romance”? Comedy!